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Typically, appliance repairmen who offer dryer repair also work with washers, refrigerators, dishwashers and other household appliances. While there is no formal training required to be an appliance repair technician, but a dryer repairman has to have the basic of electricity and plumbing  to deal with gas and electric dryers .


Dryers can last 10 to 15 years, although the most common lifespan is about 13 years. If your clothes dryer is acting up, consider its current age when deciding whether to invest in repairs or buy a new one. 8 years old may not be cost-effective.



Refrigerator repair generally costs a fraction of the price of a new fridge and should have your appliance up and running again in no time. Average refrigerator repair cost is between $200 and $400.To repair a high end fridge like sub-zero refrigerator repair could be more expensive, because parts are more expensive and require an expert technicians to fix it.

Most fruit and vegetable scraps, pieces of meat, and leftovers can safely be put in a garbage disposal. A small amount of fruit and vegetable peels can be handled by most disposals, but if you’re peeling several pounds of potatoes, it’s better to skip putting the peels down the disposal. The starch in potato peels can gunk up the disposal. Same goes for stringy and fibrous vegetables, such as celery, corn husks, banana peels, artichokes, and asparagus, which tend to resist pulverization and can clog your drain.
Coffee grounds and leftover oil or grease should also be disposed of in another manner, since they can clog your drain. Egg shells, bones, shellfish, and fruit pits can also be tough for a disposal to handle and lead to premature wear. These items should be disposed of in the trash or composted.

Many people think garbage disposals are equipped with blades that spin and break food down into tiny pieces, but this is actually a myth.
Disposals don’t have blades. They have a spinning plate with impellers and a grinding plate. The impellers push food against the grinding plate with centrifugal force. The food is grinded down into small particles that are then flushed with water through your plumbing and onto your septic system or a local water treatment facility

The garbage disposal is a motorized device that grinds food waste. The grinding mechanism has a rotating impeller, which is connected to the motor. This rotating impeller forces solids down the drain by spinning against them and also causes liquids to flow into the drain through gravity.

There are two basic types of garbage disposals: continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed models require you to manually turn a knob or press a button to start the motor which turns the blades whenever food scraps are present in the waste tube. Batch feed models automatically activate one time per activation trigger event, such as when food is detected inside the waste tube or when the cover is opened by hand or foot pedal.

Garbage disposals are typically located in your kitchen sink, You should know that the average life expectancy for a garbage disposal is 10 years, but this can vary depending on your usage and if you have any plumbing issues to deal with. 

A garbage disposal is a great convenience in the kitchen; it saves time and energy by helping to grind up food waste. But the convenience can quickly turn into a nightmare if your garbage disposal starts giving you problems. Maybe you can repair your own garbage disposal , but it isn’t always easy. Garbage disposals are often hard to access and need to deal with plumbing and electric wiring, and many homeowners simply give up and call for professional help.

How much does it cost to install a garbage disposal?

On Average 325 $ for 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal

PART Cost  $135

Garbage Disposal Installation Labor, Basic 1.9 h $190.

Option: Remove Garbage Disposal and debris$10

50$ Diagnostic will be waived with repair.

It is no surprise that garbage disposals are a big business.
 There are thousands of different models and brands on the market, so it can be hard to know which ones are best for your needs.
 Luckily, we have analyzed multiple factors to compile this list of the top 10 brands of garbage disposals.
 You should always have a good understanding of what you want out of your new disposal before purchasing one. It is important to know if you want one with a power cord or not, which kind of grinding technology it uses, how many horsepower it has, whether or not there are sound dampening features for quieter operation, etc. 

InkErator Compact Garbage Disposal 

MOEN GX Pro Series Garbage Disposal 

InSinkErator Badger 1  1/3 HP Garbage Disposal 

Waste King Sound-Insulated Garbage Disposal at Home Depot

InSinkErator  Badger 5 garbage disposal

InSinkErator  Badger 500 garbage disposal 1/2 HP

GE waste disposals

ACE hardware disposal

Whirlpool Disposers

InSinkErator Noise Insulation Garbage Disposal at Lowe

Kenmore garbage disposal

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