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Best professional refrigerator repair near Washington Dc


Best affordable refrigerator repair near Washington Dc

We repair all models and brands of refrigerators in Washington DC and the surrounding cities regardless of the age of the fridge or freezer. If you have a dead fridge  or the freezer is not getting cold enough or for any other problems with your ice box, we are ready to help. Just call our local number and let us do the rest in order to bring your appliance back to normal working condition.


Refrigerator Repair troubleshooting and common issues

The refrigeration operation is possible because of a phenomenon known as sublimation, by which some substances can pass from a solid to a gaseous state without going through an intermediate liquid state. In this application it works this way: when the door to a freezer compartment is opened, water vapor in the air condenses upon the much colder surfaces inside, just as it does on a glass of iced tea in the summer. In the freezer compartment, this moisture freezes to the inner door panels, compartment liner, and even food packages, forming a thin film or coating each time the door is opened. Through sublimation this moisture will migrate to the coldest surface within the compartment, the evaporator coil itself. The process is greatly speeded up by the constant flow of air across the packages and surfaces of the compartment. This deposit of frost builds up on the evaporator until removed during the defrost cycle at regular intervals.

First care in handling and working with any refrigerator, especially when it’s necessary to move components and bend tubing. A kink or split in the refrigerant tubing can damage the refrigerator and cause an expensive repair job by a refrigeration technician. Should a leak develop in the system, there are certain precautions which should be taken. While the refrigerant itself should be nontoxic in such small concentrations, it can form phosgene, a poisonous, in the presence of an open flame. Under such conditions, the highly irritating odor will give you plenty of warning to leave the area. For sure shut off pilot lights on gas dryers or ranges, or any burning pilots on gas appliances. Open windows for ventilation. Any repairs within the refrigerator system itself require expensive and specialized equipment to do the job correctly but this is a problem you’re unlikely to encounter when a piece of refrigeration equipment fails to function. You should be able to handle other job yourself. Before attempting any refrigerator repair, unplug the refrigerator.


When diagnosing a fault in a refrigerator or freezer, take exact temperature readings of the sections that seem too warm or too cold. Check them carefully with an accurate thermometer. A dial thermometer is easy to use. For make temperature readings, place the sensing end of the thermometer in a glass of water that has been inside the compartment for at least eight hours simply placing the thermometer on a shelf is not a good test doesn’t sense the true average temperature, and opening refrigerator door to read the thermometer call influence the reading.

• Operate at recommended control temperatures. When varying these needs or conditions, allow twenty-four hours between changes for system to comply.

• Never let frost in freezer compartment build up more than 1/4 inch.

• Clean refrigerator interior regularly with a solution of baking soda and water; clean exteriors with lukewarm sudsy water. Occasionally use wax on painted exterior surfaces.

• Vacuum the refrigerator condenser as frequently as advised in the refrigerator manual, using the crevice tool attachment of your vacuum or a long-handle brush. Clean more frequently if house has unusual dust conditions or shedding pets. Signs of dirty con-denser coils are: temperatures inside refrigerator begin to raise running time increases vibration noises increase or the refrigerator cabinet exterior becomes warm.

• Cover foods tightly to prevent drying and spreading odors,

• Refrigerate foods as soon as possible after preparation or purchase.

• Use special storage areas for their intended purpose.

• Do not overload a freezer at one time with unfrozen food. This slows the freezing process. A good guideline is never to add more than 10 percent of freezer’s capacity at a time.

• Defrost non frost free freezer models before more than ½ inch of frost forms.

SAFETY NOTE: When disposing of an old refrigerator or freezer, be sure the door or lid is removed as soon as it is taken out of service to avoid child entrapment.


A company that can fix both an AC and a dryer issue in the same visit, and be honest about the services needed?!?! Yes, it does exist.Lassaad came to take a look at an AC line issue that had previously shut down my system. The HVAC specialist from another company quoted me a $3,000 plus repair to replace all of the lines, but Lassaad showed me where it was only a vinyl line that was clogging, and did cleaning to clear it out. I appreciate that he took the time to show me what the issue was, and the visible before-and-after was quite noticeable--haven't had an issue since!He then took a look at my washer and found where a part was broken. He had the replacement part in his vehicle and was able to repair it in about a half hour.A few weeks later, the drum was making a horrible noise during the spin cycle, so I called Lassaad again. He was flexible accommodating a last-minute schedule change, and gracious when I was a few minutes late meeting him for my appointment window when I got held up in traffic during a heavy downpour. He checked the spin cycle, and diagnosed that it was working fine and that the likely culprit was overloading the machine. Guilty as charged--I put too many towels in my tiny washer. Next two loads didn't have any issue. He wouldn't even let me pay him for his time, even though I tried twice.Will definitely use DC Appliance Repair Service in the future--highly recommend!
Gail B.
"Our pilot wouldn't light during a cold freeze. It isn't unusual to have the pilot go out but it was awful not being able to get it lit again. We might as well have been sleeping outside. Hubby checked Yelp for businesses near us.Even just having a conversation on the phone, we felt that we were getting honest information. When the problem was bigger than expected, more parts were ordered. The parts arrived in less than 2 days. Our appliances are old. We were thrilled that replacement parts were found.I decided that I wasn't bothered when work calls were answered while my pilot was being fixed. After all, our first SOS call was probably answered while another customer was getting something repaired.When the pilot was causing issues and I was paranoid about the house exploding when I smelled gas, three visits were made in one day. We have heat. The pilot was replaced and new equipment was used only when needed. I didn't feel overcharged.Our washing machine stopped working and that was also repaired on one of the visits to salvage our heater.You might have to make a reminder call to ask about the status of a part, but that seems due to this company having so much work that phone calls are a luxury.I'm happy that we found an honest person who knows a lot of things about household repairs..
Gail B.
Excellent service. Our dryer would turn on, but the drum would not tumble. I called mid-day Friday and they were able to come out the next day. The repair shop I used before said they would be unable to come out until early in the next week, so I jumped at next day service. I was given a time frame of 1-4 pm, and received a call at 3 that they were on their way. I had gone out to purchase a dryer belt since I suspected that was the issue, and when they came it was confirmed that the belt was itself nearly broken. Fortunately with new dryer belt in hand he was able to make a quick fix. Everything was a breeze and I definitely recommend.t.
Rob K.


refrigerator repair can cost about $99 to $500, depending on the damage. Smaller repairs will be a bit lower. fridge repair costs will vary from one contractor to another depending on different factors including the extent of the damage to the ice box and the kind of contractor hired

On average, you can expect your electric oven to last 13 years, these days, and your gas oven to last 15.

That’s an easy one – unless your oven is over 15 years old, you should always move in favor of a repair, rather than a replacement. … Oven ranges should usually last you around 10 to 15 years, so if your oven is over 15 years old, now could be an appropriate time to consider a full oven replacement.

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